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Touchdesq helps over 54Mn SMB's in India to go end to end digital billing, payment, tax & reporting.

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Team Summary

Ravindra Kanchikare Founder and CEO
who has 12 years of experience in building products with excellent user experience. Ravi also built product for USA market, which was very successful. Which helps us build the state of the art product.

Nagaraj Hebbar Co-Founder, COO.
Nagaraj Hebbar brings on board more than 25 years of experience in Sales & Marketing from weighing scale industry. Worked at various levels and geographies in India. Successfully running his own marketing agency for last 15 years. Which helps us sell our product more effectively.


Founding Team

Ravindra Kanchikare


Product/Service Summary

At droid labs we have built a product called touchdesq.

Problem we are trying to solve is "Today SMB's merchants needs to buy 3 different hardware and software to run their business.
1. Cash register for Billing & Receipt printing.
2. POS machine for Cashless payment.
3. Computer for Reports & Accounting."

Solution is "Touchdesq a next generation touch based Billing + POS + Report & Accounting system. Works both offline and connects to cloud for all data backup & remote management."
Market size: 54M SMB's our target to reach 100K or more SMB's in next 2 years with our solution. Website: http://www.touchdesqapp.com

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