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Team Summary

Nitin Somalaraju, Founder & Business lead of Touch’N Pay. Nitin has done his master’s in Entrepreneurship at University of Florida in USA, came back to India and has been working with startups in Healthcare, and F&B Sector. The experience he gained from his education as well as founding a startup in USA, his work in India for the past 3 years is a valuable resource to the team. His vision and passion from identifying a problem to solving it through innovative methods drives the team to its goals.
Venu Gopal - Technical Lead
Venu and team has around 9 years of experience of accomplishing great success in their projects. Venu himself was meticulous while he mentored and led several teams. He is handling all the technical aspects of the project and holds the potential to steer the complete technical team, comprising of various units in the right direction. We trust his experience will offer us some assistance with seeing the shrouded vulnerabilities of the task.
Lalitha Prasanthi - Operations Lead
Lalitha shapes the spine by effectively conquering any hindrance between the technical group and the business front to get the undertaking done without any obstacles.Her experience in collaborating with various cultures, work atmospheres helps her to keep the Touch’ N Pay team together and moving. Lalitha has done her masters in a prestigious Institution in USA. She has been working as a Data & Business Analyst in Health care sector.


Founding Team

Founder & Skipper @ Frost Bytes, Business Consultant @ GuidePoint Labs, Marketing Intern @ BrainGear, CoFounder @ H1B Carrer LLC


Frost Bytes (2013 - present)
Founder & Skipper

GuidePoint Labs (2013 - present)
Business Consultant

BrainGear (2012 - 2013)
Marketing Intern


University of Florida - Warrington College Of Business
Master of Science (M.S.) • 2012 - 2013

Chaithanya Bharathi Institue of Technology
Bachelor's degree • 2008 - 2012

Product/Service Summary

Touch’N Pay uses Biometric Authentication and provides cash & card free payment system - with the benefits of security and ease of use. “Pay with your Fingertip” best illustrates Touch’N Pay.Promote Inclusion - Help to reach out and include customers with language and literacy Barriers

Product/Service Descriptions