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A simple and elegant platform that connects retailers and consumers and enable them convert all their billing needs into electronic.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Consists of 1 founder ,3 employees and 1 mentor .
3 employees are NIT T and SASTRA students comprising of the technical team for building software and app.
Mentor is an employee at HCL currently working on multiple projects at US and has an experience of 10+ years.
Founder is an engineer fresher who has multiple experiences in management roles


Product/Service Summary

A platform to connect customers and retailers and to eradicate printing of bills in retail shops and make them all electronic.

How are we different?

because of the following facts
1) Cheapest and easy to use billing software
2) Automatically sends E bills reducing printing costs in retail.
3) We Help retailers send personalized marketing messages to customers VIA the software .
4) We Help in automatic expenditure tracking for consumers.
5) Personalized Wallet for express checkout .

Product/Service Descriptions