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A visual travel discovery platform, where travelers can manage&share their travel stories in a way that expresses their experience with swag

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Team Summary

We all are from NIT Sikkim and have been working together for 5 years. We did two products before this-
Kakshya -
Companion -
Companion was launched by Governor of Sikkim & featured in NDTV Gadgets and more.


Founding Team

Aditya Arya


Love to develop & create, travel & photography. Founded "Companion" - the on-road assistant for landslide & roadblock issues of Sikkim.Designed & developed a prototype for AMV, HAS & "Pixooz". Founded & worked in tech clubs like E-Cell, WDC

Rajat Bhardwaj


Romil Tiwari


Current- Cofounder @TravelShelf

Product/Service Summary

TravelShelf is a travelers' platform, where travelers can manage, cherish and share their trips as a visual story of their journey. We cater to the emotions attached to the trips and its memories. Travelers can relive, share and celebrate these memories, in a way it summarizes the complete experience with the social swag.
Travellers can also gift custom travel merchandise to their partners or friends or family from the trip, which makes for a perfect gifting material.

These trips have a purpose: Viewers planning a trip don't have to go through the hassle of reinventing the wheel. If they like a travel style, then they can pick a trip and we take care of organizing that for them.

We use the same trip creation technology to get tour operators on board and get them to put their trips on our platform. We give them the technology to keep engaging with their consumers on a regular basis and we get entry into the market through them.

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