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Upskilling UG students through crowd sourced industry professionals and creating a comprehensive learning and assessment platform.

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Beta Release: 1st Oct Android App Beta Release: 15th Oct




Team Summary

Abhay Negi has an engineering in Computer Science from IIT Delhi and an MBA from IIM Indore while Anupam Sharma is an M.Tech from Thapar University. Triksha was conceptualised by them in 2014 and has been refined to its current form in the last 2 years.

Abhay Negi has an engineering in Computer Science from IIT Delhi and an MBA from IIM Indore. He has worked in a software startup and the corporate banking branch of a bank before taking the plunge.

Anupam Sharma is an M.Tech from Thapar University and has worked in MNCs like Cadence, Synopsys (formerly Virage Logic), Amsoft Systems etc before starting his own venture.His work include roles like Technical manager and Architect, Business Development Manager.

Ashutosh Chauhan, is an M.Tech in Electronics from Thapar and has 8 years of professional software development experience(5 years in Android). He has 2 IEEE research papers to his credit and has co- authored 3 patents while working in Samsung.

Manav is a B.E. (Computers) from NSIT (Formerly DIT) having started my career in EDA industry from Duet Technologies, Motorola Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor and have been in Cadence for last 9 yrs. Having worked in various flavors of design environment development and PDK (Process Design Kits) software, currently he is the technical lead in R&D in Physical Design domain of Custom IC flow.


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Product/Service Summary

Triksha is an intitiative with a vision to upskill the under graduate students in the country and provide them hirable skills and make them productive resources for their organisations. The students will be trained through a pool of crowdsourced industry experts who are willing to share their expertise acquired in several years in the industry.

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