Trip Mega Mart

  • Dhanbad, India
  • E-commerce

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Team Summary


Product/Service Summary

Trip Mega Mart Products:
(1) B2C (Business to Customer)
(2) B2B (Business to Business)
(3) B2H (Business to Hotel)
(4) B2V (Business to Vendor)
(5) Dynamic Hotel Pricing
(6) Tailor Made Holidays
(7) Travel Portal B2C/B2B with Website & 5 Live Inventories
(8) Online Bus Hire

How are we different?

1)About to introduce the new concept of Dynamic Hotel Pricing in Indian travel industry.
2)Only company giving travel b2b with 5 inventories
3)Going to be the Online Bus Hire Service Provider in India
4)Going to be The Only Travel Marketplace where the Tour Operators, Car Rental Companies, Hotels as well as the travelers can meet in one platform

Product/Service Descriptions