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Tripnary finds great places to fly based on your budget.

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Team Summary

Tripnary is built by seasoned team of product guys. Abhishek has over a decade of experience in tech as both a developer and product manager. He has an MBA from Kellogg. Varun is a serial app developer with three apps in the App Store. The team previously worked together on a travel planning web app and also has advisors from the travel industry.


Product/Service Summary

Tripnary is a mobile app that finds great places to fly based on your budget. Just select your budget and travel dates and we will give you endless travel possibilities in one tap! Why? We know that 54% of people don’t have a destination in mind when starting to plan and 85% decide based on price.

How are we different?

Tripnary is competing with travel search apps like Expedia that are only focused on the transaction and haven’t done much to evolve the experience beyond search and shopping for over two decades. Tripnary targets only leisure travelers earlier in the inspiration phase before they have decided where to go.

Product/Service Descriptions