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Automating & Re-defining Employee Onboarding for organizations of all sizes.

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Team Summary

Kiran Menon - Product, Design, Sales - comes from Opera Software. Grew India user base from 2mn MAU to over 15mn MAU. Built the Corp Dev team that acquired 4 cos & made the transition to mobile advertising.

Nikhil - Tech Guru comes from NetPay & Captain Public, where he was the tech architect. PHP, Javascript, JQuery are his sweet spots.

Gaurabh Mathure - A User Experience consultant in New York with 10 years of experience. I have been lucky to have lived & worked across various geographies (India, Italy, UK, Finland, Denmark & US) with brands such as Nokia, Novero, Velux, Samsung, Kodak & Nike.


Product/Service Summary

4% of all employees quit on their first day at the job and more than 22% quit in the first 45 days. The onboarding & pre-boarding processes are fast becoming the most important channels to attract & retain good talent. It is no longer about recruiting an individual - executive teams around the globe are now concerned about retaining the talent.

How are we different?

Tydy makes the people process a complete Zero-Paper process = resulting in a beautiful & easy experience for the employees.
Tydy brings the people process to a mobile-first world - whether it's filling up forms, communicating within the organization, documentation or analytics - tydy empowers the people process

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