• Kochi, India
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To bridge the information gap between a person’s location in the real world and the digital world.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Our team is a blend of professional Computer science engineers who can make the best use of technology to ensure a good product and qualified engineers who can understand the connection between technology and users . Our team's only goal is to meet the customers needs and we believe that profits will follow along with users.


    • Arjun Mohandas

    • Co-Founder, CXO

Product/Service Summary

Our product will connect users with services to enable them to travel problem free when on a journey from a given point to their final destination. The product is designed to make their journey hassle free and also to make sure that the have total control over their itinerary. We would also like to establish a link between a user and their friends

How are we different?

With our product we expect to connect our users with the right service that would suit them by this method we will eliminate the long painstaking process of choosing from a long list of products. We are coming together of various services like social media, e-commerce and location based services to ensure a better user experience.

Product/Service Descriptions