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UnBuffer's intelligent system transcodes videos to deliver good quality videos on all devices WITHOUT BUFFERING even on low speed 2G / 3G.

Beta Launched

Startup Video



Stop Buffering & Start Un-buffering Your Favourite Videos | eXpatIdeas.com

Their main intent is to provide seamless video access across all devices even on low speed internet connection such as 2G and 3G. Through their platform, they are able to maintain consistent picture quality. even on 2G network

Mar 04, 2015


FI Grad UnBuffer Wins Big at SMAC startup day 2015 | Founder Institute

UnBuffer, a 2014 Founder Institute graduate of Bangalore, India, participated and won the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) startup day 2015 event.

Feb 27, 2015

New Product Release

Beta Version of UnBuffer 1.2 with better User Experience and more features.



Media Coverage

The first presentation of UnBuffer in a startup event and it won at SMAC day!



Techie Software Engineer
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Bangalore, India
Python, Flask, PHP

Job Description
We are looking for someone with a desire to learn new things quickly and capable of implementing it. Willingness to learn, getting job done and never say no attitude is a must. 

Team Summary


    • Shuja

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

UnBuffer delivers good quality videos on all devices without buffering even on low speed 2G / 3G internet network.

Key Innovation:
1. A smart system which transcodes and optimizes videos to deliver seamlessly across all devices without buffering.
2. A easy to use (for non-techie) transcoding platform

How are we different?

UnBuffer helps you to transcode videos and have great control over the quality of the video. You can make a fine grain changes to the video based on your requirement.

This will also let you stream videos with much faster buffering rate (at least 2x to 3x faster than YouTube or Vimeo) across multiple devices.

Helps save 40% of bandwidth costs

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