Unindia Power Solution

  • Kolkata, India
  • Consumer GoodsConsumer Electronics, Automotive, Marketing, Services, Energy

1. Target based large quantity sales 2. Commission on each sales 3. Revenue on old scrap battery


Startup Video



Team Summary

Core Members
1.. Supriya Sarkar- B.Tech(Over 2Years of Exp.)
2. Saptarshi Dahr- B.A.(Over 2 yrs of exp.)
3. Debojit Gurey- B.Sc( 1.5 yrs of exp.)
4. Santanu Sarkar- B.Sc(C.U.) and Project Management from University of California

Other Members
1. Sakti Pada Sarkar- Reired ,Finance Dept., Govt. of W.B.(39yrs of Exp.)
2. Laxmi Paul- 39yrs of exp.


Product/Service Summary

Retail and Wholesale of Automotive and Industrial Battery and Other Power Electronics Products on all the highways and in elctrical wholesale markets in India on retail channel and on- road counter basis

How are we different?

1. Good quality of the product
2. cost effectiveness
3. After sales service
4. Offer oriented marketing strategy
a) Product wise target based schemes
b) Regular Garage Campaigning
c) Free Service campaigning
d) Gift coupon to running customers
e) Customer service after sales
5. Advertise
a) TV, Radio

Product/Service Descriptions