• Vellore, India
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E-learning platform that combines vernacular language learning along with discussion and practicing.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Yuvaraj Loganathan is CEO and handles things happening within the company. Riyaz takes care of business development and marketing part. Yuvaraj Gurunathan works on building the website and app. I'm working on formulating the content for video classes.


    • Yuvaraj Loganathan

    • Founder, CEO, Board of Directors

Product/Service Summary

We provide E-learning/app for people who are preparing for competitive exams. We combine learning, practice and discussion in a single platform. Learning through vernacular language tutoring. Practice on spot with interactive videos during lessons. Discussion forum connecting experts and people of same kind to clarify doubts.

How are we different?

We combine all these three so that customer doesn’t have to search for practice or learning or clearing doubts. And another point is Vernacular language (with English as option) training along with spot practice between videos that makes learning interactive. Discussion and chat option with users allowing not just a single but a group to guide them

Product/Service Descriptions