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Online medical consultation enabler through easy booking process and live video chat feature

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Team Summary

Varun Bora - Founder , B.E. , MBA , 3yrs KPMG India, Management Consultant, Built MVP, On-boarded doctors, Digital Marketeer

Sarvadnya Arjunwadkar - Co-Founder, B.E. , M.B.A , Currently pursuing M.S. in Software Management from CMU, California


    • Sarvadnya Arjunwadkar

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

Urban Medico is an on-line alternative to visiting a doctor physically.It lists out various doctors whom people can consult through live video chat with the option of remaining anonymous during the consultation.
Currently Urban Medico caters to people who are seeking psychologists, sexologists, dietitians, relationship counsellors, fitness experts

How are we different?

1) Video chat can be done on any browser, no need to install any app or third party plugin
2) No operational cost for using video chat
3) SOS feature to find nearest medical centre
4) Review system
5) Doctors calendar integration for showing available time-slots
6) Fastest booking process among competition
7) Strong brand recall

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