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With urbistant you can now bid goodbye to all odd jobs hassles. The odds will now b in ur favor !

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Team Summary

Mahesh is a seasoned corporate leader with 15 yes of exp in setting up and leading large businesses & Team across B2C& B2B
Anil is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of exp in various businesses
RK is a hospitality n service specialist with exp in India & UK mrkt
suja is customer engagement specialist with 10 yrs exp


Product/Service Summary

An on demand aggregator platform for all urban house needs like plumber , electrician, carpenter, appliance service to driver , beautician to yoga instructor

How are we different?

Hyperlocal in India is a people & Ops intensive sector and we have a strong n experienced team to back
We are not just a market place , we on board servuce providers post screening / verifying / training
we r focusing on uplifting the socio economic status of people engaged in providing service too than merely being a marketplace connecting them

Product/Service Descriptions