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  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • HealthcareHealthcare Services, Location Based Services, Consulting, E-commerce

VaxCorp provides disease prevention and diagnostic services to their location (home, office, etc).

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

Dr. Nadim is a medical doctor; graduated from Atma Jaya Medical University with great passion in public health, technology and startups. Having experiences as a medical underwriter and clinician, preventable diseases are becoming a huge burden to health, productivity and economy. Additional working experiences in media and advertising agency provides an edge in concepting and delivering the idea of the company.

Dr. Sumeet handles operationals and safety protocols for our services.

Hentri Wibowo; having worked in the Indonesian Ministry of Finance caters to the financial aspects of the business.


Founding Team

Dr. Ahmad Nadim

Dr. Sumeet H. Vasandani

Dr. Sumeet H. Vasandani

Hentri Wibowo, MSc, MBA

Hentri Wibowo, MSc, MBA


Product/Service Summary

VaxCorp Indonesia is a Disease Prevention & Wellness Provider based in Jakarta. Our primary vision is to lower sicknesses and deaths caused by preventable diseases (by means of personalized adult vaccinations, early screening, and diagnostics).

We bring healthcare services (not sick care) to their doorsteps. Personalizing health decisions, advices, and care.

This will potentially solve numerous healthcare problems in the country (i.e. overcrowding of hospitals, poor patient care, rising healthcare expenses, rising cases of chronic and disabling diseases, drug resistances, preventable deaths, etc).

Our next stage plan is to develop technologies to integrate all medical datas and services in order to optimize care, prevent malpractices, and provide ease of health monitoring, treatment, and follow up.

We are currently in our early revenue stages, looking to raise funds, ranging between 1,5 - 2 Bn Indonesian Rupiah, through Angel Investors and other potential funding source

Product/Service Descriptions