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VCare helps community Pharmacies and care homes in UK providing next generation systems

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

Jayesh Rawal - Pharmacist (owns 3 Pharmacies in UK)
Saurabh Shah - Pharmacy Manager
Kalpesh Shah - Founder and Technologist (15 years experience in Enterprise systems - Investment banks)
Jagbir Singh - CTO - PhD Nuclear Physics from Chandigarh University - 20 years experience in system
Abhijeet Barad - UI expert
Hemal Shah - Mobile devices


Product/Service Summary

VCare Systems Ltd is UK based company building platform for Pharmacies and care homes in UK. Product is is currently targeted to UK and European clients, its a local product with global appeal. We have received NHS (UK government health organisation) approval and now in full development cycle. Need to raise funds 1 m$.

How are we different?

User friendly systems for Pharmacies which help them manage their workflow efficiently, enable them to be always on top of their work schedule by providing easy to use dashboards. Automating manual tasks and managing the data centrally, taking unnecessary hardware away from the chain to connect to NHS UK servers, reducing the cost to 1/4th.

Product/Service Descriptions