Veggie Kart

  • Kolkata, India
  • Agriculture, E-commerce

Our role is to economized the time of customers and thus emphasising on Made in India Ment for world

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

The programming team puts their hearts, minds, and soul to Develop the App and Site. The marketing and sourcing team bring in the data analytics, marketing strategies, operations and functioning of the start up. The designing team designs the logo and the UI of the app , by making the design simple and vibrant. Thus helping to build our dream into reality.


Founding Team

Subhajit Majee


Ansuman Goswami


Product/Service Summary

Solves the problem of unavailability of fresh veggies and fruits and pulses during early mornings and late nights in many localities via online order system.And thus being able to connect farmers and producers to the urban market directly, thus removing the middle man, and improving their earnings and upliftment of their lifestyle.Veggie Kart, the availability for fruits and veggies at any time and place is not something available as of yet,with this, not only will we be providing that, but also we will be providing farmers with higher revenue.And also provide customised cake by coming in partnerships with local bakeries and cakeshops.

Product/Service Descriptions