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Vervico helps shoppers make purchase decisions by studying their personas and buying patterns, etc.


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Team Summary

Ateeb is a seasoned IT professional, who has vast experience across many verticals. He has led the digital journeys of many clients, helping them from conceptualization stage right up to implementation. He has delivered large enterprise scale solutions across US, Middle East and India, including RFID, GPS Tracking and others, to name a few.
He was instrumental is driving the Mobility vertical in the organizations he has worked for and has a passion for technology. He has deep understanding of the technology as well as the retail domain which helped him design the concept.


Founding Team

Ateeb Shaikh


Product/Service Summary

Vervico is a Targeted Marketing platform based on beacons to help retailers offer personalized promotional offers to customers. The solution intelligently shows relevant and meaningful adverts to each and every individual based on an advanced algorithm which understands the demographics of the user based on multiple factors, including their social profiles.
The system displays relevant push messages to users at a point where they make the decision to purchase, thus helping retailers in increased sales.
Built on advanced technologies of LE Bluetooth devices, Mobile App, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Predictive Modeling.
The data collected through the platform can be used for analytics to understand customer behaviour and derive meaningful insights about various products.
The advanced phase of the solution shall include making the billboards active - to show ads/offers specific to user profile. This is a highly unique feature which revolutionizes the traditional and mundane a

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