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Team Summary

We have three departments in the company – Marketing & Sales, Learning & Development (L&D) and Research & Development (R&D). L&D is the biggest team with 5 members with Mr. Madhu managing the department. He has 5 years of experience in an education startup from Bangalore. R&D has 2 members with Mr. Nikhil managing the department and Sales has 2 members with Mr. Sumanth managing the department.


Founding Team

Team Members

Nikhil K B

Nikhil K B


Product/Service Summary

We develop Science and Technology based Hands-on learning products and services to make learning Skill Oriented and Experiential for the students and enable them to innovate while in school. Through our program, we keep keen interest in assessing and helping students develop the skills that are of vital importance at particular age group.

Product/Service Descriptions