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We can invest your funds- MONTHLY RETURNS OF 10% plus- highly liquid Four week NIFTY derivatives

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Govindarajan Venkatapuram, Principal Partner, is a CA with over 30 years career exposure to Merchant Banking,stock broking/portfolio management. The team is in the process of being strengthened particularly in the marketing side,through merger with another financial services firm


Product/Service Summary

Nifty derivatives invest - Product developed and to be operated by the start up for managing clients money through investments in NSE Nifty index based derivatives.-Product will work on any type of market,whether it is a Bullish/Bearish or sideways market. Investments will be made in the name of the
investor and hence will be under his control

How are we different?

We have very strong faith in our investment philosophy and strategies.Our strategies will work in all conditions whether it is a bullish/bearish or sideways market. We do not predict the market movement and hence are never disappointed or surprised . Since we back our strategies, they work well and shows in the end results

Product/Service Descriptions