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VidU promotes users to watch videos on official channel that will help in reducing piracy

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Yash: MSc. Strategic Management Lancaster Uni. Visionary & strong team player; Pioneered the idea of VidU
Ajit Gaikwad: B.Tech IT, PGDM IIM Indore, disciplined to zeal in any task assigned
Paras Gupta: B.Tech IIT Kanpur, PGDM IIM C, the geek who can churn out Gigabytes of knowledge out of absolutely nothing
Biki Das: Extensive experience in UX/U


Product/Service Summary

VidU is a Vid-gen streaming website. At Vidu, a Video Creator can decide its own revenue model i.e. the mark-up it wants to charge to the advertisers. We allow a user to earn reward points by watching videos of his choice. By doing this we are trying to bring more transparency in the digital space (replicating the Indian Television Model).

How are we different?

VidU has been pioneered as a low cost differentiation model for Video Streaming and viewing. Further, we have an unbeatable first movers advantage through unique propositions like reward points, giving them official platform to watch content which is difficult to execute. Also, we have first level handshakes with the entertainment industry experts.

Product/Service Descriptions