Voizd : Voice without Fear

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Voice every thought. Scream against extreme popular opinions without being judged!

Beta Launched

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New Product Release

iOS version of Voizd launched .. in private beta phase




Team Summary

Rajiv, Sameer & Pooja worked together for more than 6 years @ RockeTalk : Founded by Rajiv, with Tech, Product, Marketing, Sales & Content responsibilities managed between them.
RockeTalk was an interest based social space with over 22 million users, millions of $ in Ads revenue & winner of various awards in advertising, social & impact categories.


Product/Service Summary

Voizd is an anonymous social space where you can freely express every opinion & thought in your own voice without the fear of being judged, labeled or trolled.
Listen to secret thoughts and opinions of other people near you. Connect with like-minded people...Give and receive support.

How are we different?

Voizd is all about your voice...voice makes it real and conversational. Super easy and has a higher connect to users vs text. Since its voice it is language and literacy agnostic too, giving everyone the ease and freedom to voice an opinion or a thought.

Product/Service Descriptions