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Vondore is peer-to-peer platform focused on handmade and designer products.

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This startup created a virtual platform to bring designers onto WWW | Indian CEO

Vondore was established by Kriti Agarwal with the sole intention to create a professional room for budding artists and designers. Investment is always a worrying factor for new artists who dream to hold an exhibition or start an entrepreneurship on t

Jul 01, 2016


Yourstory on Vondore | Yourstory

Kriti is the Founder of Vondore, which provides an end-to-end solution for creative entrepreneurs. This woman in technology and entrepreneur combines her love for fashion and technology in Vondore.

Jun 03, 2016


Vondore website review : Indian artisan marketplace BY ANGELA // JANUARY 25, 2016 // 2 COMMENTS V0n | The Crafty Angels

Vondore is a pure bliss for handmade product lovers. From home decor to custom designed dresses and shoes, I definitely loved the place. Also the level of perfection and variety in the products available is something I got hooked on to!

Jan 25, 2016


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New Product Release

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Team Summary

Kriti Agarwal - Founder, CS DCE'10, 5 years experience in Business Consulting ZS Associates, 1 year in Auravee Fashion Boutique
Arpit Jain- Advisor, IIT KGP, Founder & CEO StudyPad.Inc
Shivang Agarwal - Technology, Engineer at Trimian, MNNIT, 6 years experience in E-commerce Technology, Ex CTO Browntape Ecommerce, Ex V.P. Engineering Shopsocially
Varisha Kanungo - Social Media & Sales Manager, Symbiosis International


    • Varisha Kanungo

    • Social Media Manager & Seller Support

Product/Service Summary

Vondore is a peer-to-peer platform focused on handmade & designer products. The concept is of an online exhibition, which enables artists to showcase their products and reach billions of customers via an online store. This will help customers to easily discover unique products, talk to the makers and give custom orders

How are we different?

The products at Vondore are all handmade and artistic. Customers shop directly from the people creating the items and can also connect with them for custom orders via message. Vondore is more like a service than a product which artists use to promote their name. All the artists have their own shop on Vondore, which they manage completely.

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