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Vorbito aims at creating custom 360-degree and VR Images & Videos for a better customer experience via integration of APP and VR headsets

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Ashutosh - IIT Kharagpur, 9 years of experience, 5 years as VP Analytics in Capillary (a successful startup) from its inception (startup grind and team building experience); Tanwi - MBA Amity University, handles marketing and sales, team management, digital marketing


Product/Service Summary

Vorbito is a 360-degree and Virtual Reality content curation platform which aims to create a repository for a better customer experience. In the first phase, we are capturing properties all across India in a 360 degree view, which will be converted into 3D and Virtual Reality Images & Videos - we want to change the way people 'see' on the Internet

How are we different?

We are one of the first movers in this space of 360 content curation with specialized hardware (obtained from US). We aim to capture India market and remain focused to Hospitality industry with a proper revenue model. We also aim to move in the VR software and app development by the end of 2016 by when the VR market would have matured.

Product/Service Descriptions