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The idea can be scaled upto entire world as reality shows are being broadcasted worldwide.


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Team Summary

The project is at "Idea" stage. Hence no formal team has been formed but informal team is available. The founder member "Narendra S.Shinde " is a mechanical engineer by education & entreprenuer by profession. He had worked with MNC like Philips India ltd. He is HARDCORE "Product" oriented person . He has developed many innovative products


Product/Service Summary

It is a platform for voting for "Reality Shows" on TV channels. Through this platform, viewers can vote to the participants to the various participants. This will increase the voting to the participants resulting into more accurate & transparent system of selection of the winner. With the use of latest mobile phones, customers can be contacted.

How are we different?

Presently viewers have to vote either through SMS or logging to the website of the Channel. 1st one is costly method & other is not viewer friendly. We are creating a platform where list of "Reality Shows" from all the channels will be available. Just by selecting the channel & then the show, viewer can vote easily. It will increase voting

Product/Service Descriptions