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Aadhaar used for health monitoring! A centralized, efficient system to micro-manage healthcare. VPS HMS to digitize healthcare in India!!

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Our team has 4 core members and 9 interns. The management directory of the company is as follows
• Premnath Borkar: CEO
• Sanket Mote: CTO
• Gunarjun Chawla: Marketing and Communication Manager
• Prutha Atre: General Manager


Founding Team

Premnath Borkar


Product/Service Summary

We are a software development and IT service company. Our prime product is an Aadhaar based hospital management system (HMS). This HMS uses the aadhaar card of patients for patient registrations and maintaining medical records. The use of this HMS reduces the patient registration time to just 20 seconds per patient and efficiently manages medical data associated with the patient. This HMS is designed according to industry and government norms and has billing, statistics and IPD/OPD modules along with patient registration. The HMS is already executed in Cooper Hospital , Mumbai. It has significantly reduced the waiting room density and enhanced the quality of healthcare. This HMS is just the first step to an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) with AI (Artificial Intelligence). This integrated system (now under development) has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare in India, It will lead to cumulative health monitoring and serve as a tool for micro-managing healthcare in India.

Product/Service Descriptions