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Wakerr in your social calendar. Spend time with your friends by inviting and meeting them in real.

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Team Summary

We are a team of 2.
Neeraj is the founder, and creator of the initial version of the app. I was previous at Amazon.com

Aeshverya Jain is leading growth. He is pursing MBA from ISB, Hyderabad and was previously at Microsoft.

As team of two, we focus of product building, getting user feedback and iterating to a better version. We believe that in future, people would people use calendars in their real life, those calendars have to be just much much better than the current ones. And we are cruising and building that calendar. Do check out www.wakerr.com and download and use Wakerr, for a complete experience.


Product/Service Summary

Wakerr is your social calendar. It enables to create events with people, as long as you have their phone number. You can send beautiful video invites to your friends. You can also discover events happening nearby and invite your friends to it in two clicks, instead of making many calls back and forth. Wakerr removes all the pain of social planning.

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