Walnut Knowledge Solutions

  • Bangalore, India
  • Education, Content, Content Discovery, Mobile

Helmed by @RaghavNC and @sachinravi, we use questions and stories to aid learning for kids and to engage audiences across platforms.


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Team Summary

We're a team with diverse and complementary personalities. We'd like to believe we have learnt and developed (and still learning) skills sets from our experiences on ground with our various offerings. Critically, we're supported by a set of great, patient and insightful panel of advisors in Mr. Chetan Vinchhi, Mr. Kalyan Banerjee and Mr. Vasant Shetty, who give us their unique inputs (from their respective domains).


    • Raghav Chakravarthy

    • Founder

    • Mr. Kalyan Banerjee

    • Investor

    • Mr. Chetan Vinchhi

    • Investor

Product/Service Summary

Walnut Knowledge Solutions is a learning & development set-up that while working on the outside, augments the formal educational system to organically motivate a child to take interest in what is being taught in class and the world around him. By fusing syllabus with personal interest of a child, we hope to achieve positive learning outcomes.

Product/Service Descriptions