Trash to Cash

  • Limbe, Cameroon
  • RetailSocial Commerce, Manufacturing

We collect paper wastes from various institutions, transfer them, sort out and recycle them into use


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Team Summary

The team is made up of young, energetic and enthusiastic university graduates who want to prove they to the world they can get the job done. The Technical Director is the government Delegate of Rural Development and Agriculture who has more than twenty years of working experience.


Product/Service Summary

Paper is used everywhere in the world and the wastes have to be taken care of by any possible means, this is where we come in to collect the paper wastes, sort out, recycle into useful products like egg carton and toilet tissue then transport to be sold to the consumers.

How are we different?

We are different from the others in that we first carry out a climate change sensitization seminar with the staff, workers or students of the institution from which we are collecting the paper wastes. Then we do not discard the wastes, but recycle them into useful and marketable products.

Product/Service Descriptions