water bore drilling in nigeria

  • Aurangabad, India
  • sea driling pty ltd

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

we got experience in this business from past 11 years.we are operating in hyderabad ,india.we got 3 units at presents and got very good operators who can fix the truck in any kind off situations.total 4 members off drillers and drivers and 18 members of labour and 2 supervisors are working in our company now.


Product/Service Summary

domestic work with Down the Hole Hammer System (D.T.H ) Rig unit Air Compressor mounted in the Truck and get the water from the ground up to 1500 feet depth. We introduced Manual Drilling in the soft soil area, Further it faced another type of semi Hard soil for that we introduce Direct Rotary system.

How are we different?

we are diffrent from other with our compressior it drills 1500 feets in day while other bore wells in that country or not that much fast and chines mechine can drill upto 300 feet per day that to in rotary areas.we are fast and we can drill in any kind off soil.

Product/Service Descriptions