High Efficiency Electrical Generators

  • Surat, India
  • Energy & SustainabilityRenewable Energy, Automotive, Electrical Generators, Engineering, Research


Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

We are working on Water Fuel technology and our Research and Development works is going on. We are Ready for the Launching our product as we tested completely, We are Only waiting for the investment. We already Invested lot in Research and Development


Founding Team

Arpit Pandey


Product/Service Summary

We made the Maruti - 800 as the PROTOTYPE Model, It is based on freshly generated Hydrogen - Oxygen as the fuel and it takes only 5% - 10% petrol. The Efficiency increased by 10 to 20 times. We took the GERMAN PATENT. Actually We have 2 patent 1 - Regarding New Engine Design, 2 - Water Fueled Engine. Now . This Invention is safe for all Man-kind. We need to implement this technology in Diesel Generator as well as petrol engines; this will solve the problem of scarcity of electricity. Today 18000 Villages having no electricity connection, many of the Small Scale and Mid-Scale Industries are shut-down because of the major power failure. So this is New Alternative Source which is absolutely safe and low cost. We driven our Prototype Engine of Maruti – 800, for 50,000 km without any interruption and then we mentioned our test operation in Provisional Patent Content, After the Examination period of 18 months. We got the PCT Patent. We are searching for the fund for making this Innovation.

Product/Service Descriptions