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Learning is a big field & it's time we change the way it happens & we want to bring in experience in

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Team Summary

The company is co-founded by Abhishek Iyengar and Rangaraj Bhatracharya who has equal amount of experience both on the corporate field and Theatre. Abhishek & Ranga both run Bangalore's top Theatre entertainment company which in-turn leverages to provide learning solutions


Product/Service Summary

We are India's most Innovative Learning and Development Solution provider where we use Theatre as a medium to impart our Learning. We cater to specific problems using our developed learning model IEL which is involve, energize and Learn. Our approach using Theatre is through GDA model which involved gather, develop and asses

How are we different?

We are India's only Learning Solution company to apply the science of Experience and Theatre to tackle the world's biggest problem which is Learning and Development by assuring 90% ROI. With Theatre on one had and a strong analytic assesment on the other we look to create a complete L and D Solution for corporate struggling with training programs

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