• Ahmedabad, India
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WEpaint is india's first ever write-erase paint that turns any surface in to write-erase marker board (like whiteboard) at low cost.

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Team Summary

We are a team of fantastic 4. WEpaint has been invented in India and is the brainchild of an eminent scientist Jatin Patel who is also the co-founder and CEO of WEpaint. Other three members are Mihir Pujara, Urvi Thakkar and Yagnesh Patel; responsible for Marketing and Sales, IT and Packaging and labeling respectively.


Product/Service Summary

India thinks big but write small (Chalkboards, Whiteboards, paper etc.) WEpaint is a unique formulation which transforms any surface (i.e. walls, wood, metal etc.) to a write erase canvas, giving you a boundless space to write. It's resistant to household chemicals, scratch proof and lasts for life time. Innovation on Walls-So Write smart ease easy

How are we different?

WEpaint is a novel product and first of its kind in India. We have developed two variants White (for creating white colored canvas) and clear (for colored walls and furniture). One can create a huge canvas to write anywhere in school, office and home. Moreover the price is 1/2 than a whiteboard and comes with life time durability.

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