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WEstaple.com is an On-Demand megastore bringing groceries ,Pet food & Much more at your fingertips

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Team Summary

Shalini Bisht - Computer Engineer
exp. 1.5 years - TCS
NIkhil Sharma - Engineer
exp. 5 years - One97
Zafar A. Ansari - IIT Post Graduate
exp. 1.5 years - MakemyTrip
Gaurav Tyagi - MBA
15 years + experience in Airtel, Avaya, One97. Tata Comm.


Product/Service Summary

WEstale.com aims to become a Megastore at fingertips.
We are one of the leading companies in Hyperlocal space delivering groceries pet food fruits & vegetables

How are we different?

We are an efficient team with the best of the industry experts on board. We are a technology prime Consumer facing & Logistics company which aims to deliver anything in the city within a stipulated time frame, bringing whole city at fingertips of a user.

Product/Service Descriptions