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We help businesses identify where they are losing money in their current digital marketing

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

Everyone has spent over 7 yrs in digital marketing across media, technology, creative and integration services. Rahul set up with isobar's Bangalore branch from scratch. He also worked with Toshal, Pramod & Aatsi during this period.


Founding Team

Rahul Vengalil


Current - Director / CTO @ WC Strategy Solutions Pvt Ltd

Toshal Shenai


Aatsi Desai


Product/Service Summary

In today's fast growing digital advertising space, businesses lose upto 40% of their investments due to lack of awareness, wrong measurement metrices, ad fraud, fragmentation as well as wrong technology stack implementation. What Clicks aims helping these businesses in first identifying the areas of inefficiency and providing solution that will see better utilisation of their investment. Our mantra is to convert the digital media costs into measurable investments that would add value to the business. We acheive with with our expertise in digital marketing as well as two tools that we have developed. IRA, our flagship media monitoring tools cuts across the fragmentation in digital media and provides a single view of all platforms on digital, and creates operational effiiency to the way of doing busienss. Our ad faud tool helps businesses in understanding the quality of traffic being driven to their website & dovetails into media optimisation for better efficiency.

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