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Team Summary

Akshit Agarwal: BTech CSE from Jaypee Inst. Noida, had successfully completed Google Summer of Code project for The Honeynet Project organization and was also funded by Google for attending honeynet project annual workshop.

Ankit Agrwal: BTech CSE from Jaypee Inst. Noida, was research Intern in the field of ML/AI at IIT Delhi.


    • Vishal Tandon

    • Software Developer

Product/Service Summary

Wibe is a chrome extension which shows relevant video on various websites like Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, etc. For e.g. for a moto-g Amazon page we will show product and review video.

We will be soon launching website where one will get a better structured video results. We will provide a better search for videos based on the context.

How are we different?

In case of our website we are exploiting the powerful structure of Wikipedia to show video form Youtube. This way be will provide better contextual results than YouTube and information in a summarized and well structured way.

In our extension Wibe recommender engine analyze the content and show relevant videos regarding that.

Product/Service Descriptions