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We enable retailers to buy at lower rates than now by skipping middle men and optimized logistics.


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Team Summary

Saurabh -
ex VP @ Flipkart Operations, @McKinsey he worked in 27 countries in ~175 locations in operations.
Shubham -
@ Microsoft led Bing map local search team at Seattle, also led an auto onboarding of local businesses without manual intervention.

Dipak -
ex- CTO@ EduChat, Founder @ CollabAir, Salesforce & Microsoft bing.
8 Patents


Product/Service Summary

There is Big gap between price at which manufacturer sells and price at which retailer buys due to intermediate links and inefficient supply chain.
We enable retailers to buy at lower rates than now.

How are we different?

Cash and Carry stores are competition for us, our advantage is -
-They don’t deliver at retail shops
-They have overhead of warehouse, shop whereas we use retailers shop as warehouse and shop.

There are emerging online competition like just buy live. We are strong team with track record of working on scale.

Product/Service Descriptions