Wireless Controls

  • Bangalore, India
  • Internet of Things, Communication

This Device allows remote/ inaccessible/hazardous places to be viewed & controlled remotely over a web browser

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Team Summary

I am experienced hardware & software engineer with over 25 years of hands on experience across the best companies like Dell, SanDisk, Netapp, LSI, Adaptec etc. I have designed this and coded it entirely on my own. I help other start ups in technical matters (hardware and software designs).


Product/Service Summary

A portable Wifi Direct, Camera based IO controller that beams live video of the object before the camera and also controls it via its relays. User can watch and control on his phone/tab/laptop merely by connecting to the wifi link and over a simple browser- no app necessary. Range greater than 300 ft, can record high rel images (5 meg pixel)

How are we different?

1. View live in high resolution and control and record (high rel 5 Meg pix) your equipment or any object remotely over a Wifi-Direct link and on your phone/tab/laptop
2. User interface on the phone/laptop/Tab is on a simple web-browser. No app install necessary
3. No wires. Typical distance from device to phone/tab/laptop: 300 feet or more

Product/Service Descriptions