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Figuring out WHAT to gift. is always a problem. Wishpicker is a social platform that helps you discover great gift ideas from across the web

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Team Summary

Wishpicker was founded by Apurv Bansal (B.Tech, Civil Engg, IIT Delhi; Bain & Company), and Prateek Rathore (B.Tech, Comp Sc, IIT Delhi; IE Business School, Spain; Royal Bank of Scotland). They’ve known each other for 8 years, and worked on another startup before wishpicker – passion to create an impact using technology brought them together.


Product/Service Summary

Wishpicker helps you search gift ideas based on relationship with recipient, and their personality.

Data driven algorithms fuel our recommendations: data scientists use machine learning, draw insights from user behaviour.

Social platform shows suggestions from gift experts (among other users) - lets you see what people are saying about a gift.

How are we different?

Our recommendations are powered by strong data-driven algorithms, built by IIT data scientists.

Social models have worked beautifully in the fashion/lifestyle verticals recently. Gifting is inherently a very social activity, and thus, social discovery (complementing intelligent recommendations) is key to crack the broken gifting market globally.

Product/Service Descriptions