• Bangalore, India
  • Retail, Consumer products, Consumer Internet

Witworks makes and sells products designed, validated and funded by people over it's online platform

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Team Summary

Founded by 3 IIT Kharagpur alumni: Som, Ankit and Chandu; who have quit their jobs at Google, ITC and Tata Steel respectively. Furthermore, Som and Ankit were ISB's Young Leaders Fellow, and declined admission to the MBA joining class of 2014 to build Witworks. The Founders have in-depth experience in Internet and Consumer Product domain.


    • Ankit DP

    • Co-Founder, CTO

    • Chandrashekhar Iyer

    • Co-Founder, COO

Product/Service Summary

Witworks is a platform where users can join and submit product related ideas. The users can further browse & review others' ideas. Witworks picks the top rated (< Top 1%) ideas, and evaluates them for commercial viability, develops them as final products. If chosen, it manufactures, packages, sells the product while sharing revenue with inventor.

How are we different?

Witworks is first of it's kind portal meant to get Inventors, Consumers and Investors on a common platform. The model is designed to collect ideas from end users and get direct consumer validation. Witworks then leverages it's product design expertise, along with 3rd party manufacturing/distribution channels to get these products to market.

Product/Service Descriptions