Wular Motors Pvt Ltd

  • Bangalore, India
  • AINLP, Automotive, Services, E-commerce

WularMotors.com, online auto portal.

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Team Summary

We are two, co-founders running this business, and a team with two software engineers. We are in the process of hiring three marketing executives. We have had earlier experiences of business, we tried and failed with two of the earlier projects flyadove.com and souvenirdove.com. This one we are putting thrice the efforts to make it happen.


Product/Service Summary

We are one place stop for all cars. We aspire to be the leader in the segment by approaching the whole unorganized market problem with an entirely different approach. We want to create a common integrated platform for buyers, sellers and service centers online. Also create a car info hub which will be accessed by millions of car buyers and enthusiasts. It will be a global platform in terms of web traffic as well as revenue.

Product/Service Descriptions