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  • Gurgaon, India
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Algo-based online financial planning

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Data Scientist Software Engineer
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Gurgaon, India
Big Data, Data Analysis

Job Description
> Data Scientist with experience in finance domain

> Experience in R language, Python, Big Data

Certified Financial Planner Finance/Accounting
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Gurgaon, India
personal finance, financial planning

Job Description
Looking for Certified Financial Planner with atleast 4-5 years of experience on part-time basis 

Team Summary


    • Gaurav Sinha

    • Business Strategy

Product/Service Summary

Algo-based online financial planning platform, Robo advisory, that intends to simplify personal finance and management for salaried class segment using proprietary algorithms and sophisticated platforms. The concept takes into consideration the present financial status and goals of the individual and recommends optimal asset allocation for lifetim

How are we different?

> We employ low-cost, market tracking ETFs and index funds that diversify the asset allocation for portfolio construction
> Sophisticated propriety models that incorporate noble-prize winning financial theories such as "Modern Portfolio Theory" and "Black Litterman Theory"
> Comprehensive financial snapshot, planning, and execution web platform

Product/Service Descriptions