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Team Summary

Puneeth Nikin
I am responsible for day to day operations. I also manage the fleet which involves strategically locating them, maintenance of the fleet and ensuring customers enjoy the experience. I also take care of general business development and investor relations. I am a graduate of Indian Institute of technology, Dhanbad, 2015 batch. I have been involved with organising one of East India's largest Festivals, Srijan, in the year 2013. I was also the founder of ,DSS, a students organisation in our campus.

Garima Gupta
Garima is responsible for day to day order management as well as marketing our product. She is responsible for online as well as offline marketing. She is responsible for building traction for our product by scoping target market and strategising customer growth. she also handles other customer relations. Garima is a graduate of Jawaharlal Nehru University, and has worked with Samsung Research and Development, Bangalore as a korean relations manager. She has been instrumental in Event management for her companty. She has put in her resignation papers for the company and is currently completing her notice period. She has vast event management experience from her university days.

We are currently scouting for a CTO to handle our software needs. Our current version 1 is being developed by Aritra Gupta who is a software developer at Samsung Research and Development.


Product/Service Summary

YoBech is developing a product to solve everyday commute problems in Tier 1 Cities by providing Motorcycles On-Demand. The product will mitigate problems related to travelling to offices on weekdays, business individuals visiting the city who are not provided with office commute and newbies to the city who require a viable mode of transport.

Product/Service Descriptions