Yottol Pvt Ltd.

  • Ahmedabad, India
  • Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, Scientific Research

Yottol uses Big Data Analytics to help organisations make more accurate decisions which have a direct impact on their bottom line.

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Committers Software Engineer
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Ahmedabad, India
big data, , Hadoop, amazon web services, Artificial Intelligence, C,C++,Java,HTML,Data Structure, google cloud, Machine Learning, Image Processing, video processing

Job Description
Looking for geeks to work with Big Data from scratch. Intelligence, integrity and energy the three things we look for. We don't only want people who already know, but are open to those who have the capacity and willingness to learn.

You will get an open playing field and the sky is the limit as to what you may do. We are trying to create the next Google.

Chief Technology Officer Operations
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Ahmedabad, India
big data, , Hadoop, • Strategic development, 5+ Yrs of Experience, Ability to lead team, Analytical bent of mind, Datawarehousing, Entrepreneurial

Job Description
Looking for a CTO for the start-up. This is not a salary based role and would suit someone who would want to join the venture as a co- founder. Please see start- up profile to know more. 

Team Summary

Saptarshi Das, BEngg, MS Management @ Imperial College London, CFA, 8+ years exp @ London @ Fin Serv, IT and manufacturing and enterpreneurship.

Khushboo Das, BEngg, MS HR @ Aston University UK, CIPD, 4+ years exp @ London @ Organisational behaviour

ex ISRO, Scientist from Imperial College London, HOD Astronomy IIT Indore as Board of Advisors


    • Khushboo Das

    • Co-Founder

    • Part time

    • Arup Dasgupta

    • Advisor

    • Arial Sun

    • Advisor

    • Siddharth Malu

    • Advisor

Product/Service Summary

Yottol is a scientific research driven business enterprise which intends to use new methods of collection, storage, use of data to enable organisations via customized, high tech data analytics to increase accuracy of decisions, improve efficiency of operations, increase sales, decrease marketing costs, and create real tangible value.

How are we different?

We look at Big Data bottom up rather than top down. Our focus is not in machine learning or advanced data analytics but bringing in knowledge from basic sciences to convert more of classified useless data into useful data. We think that is where the big fish is.

Product/Service Descriptions