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  • Delhi, India
  • Communication, Education, Community

A one stop platform integrating student needs starting with their academic updates to their hobbies.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

We are a highly enthusiastic and dynamic team working with a mission to build a strong student support system and a principle to work for student development and positive growth.
1. Ashish Goyal : Founder, CSE, 2007-2011, University of Pune.
2. Abhishek Gupta : Co-Founder, CSE, 2009-2013, DU
3. Chetan Priyadarshi : Co-Founder, LLB, ILS, Pune.


Product/Service Summary

Konnect is an online platform aiming to be a one stop gateway to things that every student needs. Starting from their academic needs, college updates, career counselling and higher studies to their hobbies and interests, a list of things are covered under the hood. Grouping the students into communities based on their college courses shall be done.

How are we different?

We have build the concept with a WHY and not with a WHAT. We know why we really want to do. We have a reason to do what we are doing. This product is something that comes straight from the personal experiences we had during our education, something we want to improve for others. We do what we love and we are loving what we are doing.

Product/Service Descriptions