YTOI-Your Take On It

  • Mumbai, India
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Be it your food, clothes, visits, books or last night's binge! Let the world know, Your Take On It!

Proof of Concept

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Media Coverage

Curries, a food rating rating app wins the 3rd position at MIT AITI Program




Team Summary

We are Engineering Physics and Computer Science graduates from IIT Bombay::

Debprotim Roy: Business, Product - Engg Phy, 08
Sachin Bhat: Tech, Product - Engg Phy, 08
Vinod Reddy: Tech - B.Tech-Comp Science and Engineering, 09
Ankit Agarwal: Ops- Engg Phy, 08
Penkey Suresh: Tech, Engg Phy, 08
Nikhil Khandelwal, Design, Mat Science, 08


Product/Service Summary

YTOI or Your Take On It’, is a mobile application that lets you rate, share and discover ‘items’ inside a place instead of the place itself eg. Food dishes, Movies, apparels in store, Sports arena items, Books in book shops/libraries etc
From a busniess perspective, YTOI is a feedback aggregator, and a platform to find loyal customers

How are we different?

1. Our business model bagged the third position in the MIT AITI Program, 2013
2. The Objective Rating and recommendations model is fairly nascent in India, with a lot of potential. The wave of rating started off with Yelp in the west and is spreading with others like Foursquare and Foodspotting
3. Our founders have had a good enterprising past

Product/Service Descriptions