• Delhi, India
  • Travel & Tourism, Mobile, Consumer Internet, E-commerce

YuMiGo is the most convenient way to buy Forex and Sim cards for your trip abroad

Early Revenues

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New Product Release

Went live with Pan-India presence in Visa, forex, SIM cards, Insurance



New Product Release

Launching of world's first digital forex wallet




Team Summary

• Pratyush Kukreja
-Cofounder, strategic alliances and partnerships, revenue, fundraise
-Thapar University (B. Tech), ISB (MBA)
• Rishabh Sood
-Cofounder, digital customer acquisition
-UT, Dallas (Bachelors), NYU (Masters in Financial Engineering)
• Jai Mansukhani
-Product Lead
-IIT, Kanpur (B. Tech), ISB (MBA) • Anirudh Rastogi, legal eagle
• Shesh Vasudevamurthy, ex-Groupon, Amazon India
• Saurabh Srivastava, ex-Ixigo, ex-Jabong


Product/Service Summary

- Personal concierge desk for international travellers
- Aims to solve all pain points beyond flights and hotels
- Pre-destination pain points - Visa, Forex, SIM cards, Travel insurance
- World’s first digital forex wallet that enables zero-cost, real-time currency conversions to provide for a seamless experience for on- demand sight-seeing, table reservations, local transportation and shopping (In-destination pain points)
- Solve the problem of “Where to go and what to do” through Try- before-you-Fly

How are we different?

YuMiGo is uniquely positioned to influence the traveller:
- We acquire the traveller even before she becomes one, building an implied trust in the relationship
- When travelling, there is a default intent to spend
- YuMiGo has the richest data about the traveller than any other service provider throughout the traveller’s journey
- Parameters about the traveller - demographics, capacity to spend, location, time-based preferences
- By nudging the traveller at the right time and place in a particular direction, the probability of a transaction is increased significantly
- Uniquely disruptive business model
- YuMiGo makes money not on currency conversions but on transactions
- A hack on conventional businesses that are built on making money while buying/selling forex
- Strong unit economics
- YuMiGo will have 8 key services, all relevant to the same traveller
- By acquiring a customer for just one service, YuMiGo can up-sell other services and all commissions are pure bottom-line

Product/Service Descriptions