• Ahmedabad, India
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We aim to automize domestic electrical system with just 500 to 1000rs.


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Team Summary

Founder - Raghunath lohar is a Aeronautical engineer with 4years of work experience in Industry and R&D Institutes. Have honored with 3 National awards for previous innovations i.e. IIGP award by FICCI, NIC award etc


Product/Service Summary

Our product is aimed to atomize the existing electrical system in each and every household in India. 99.99% households have basic rocker switches for on-off purpose.Our product is designed to fit in existing electrical system at home and within just 500 to 1000Rs it and make home fully automatic without any change in existing home switches.

How are we different?

We are going to change the whole electrical system at home and making it automatic within a wallet of common Indian family. Our product is a breakthrough innovation which fits to rocker switch and and operates it via simple remote. The technology may lead to change the whole home based electrical system in India.

Product/Service Descriptions