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When was it Founded? Where is LetsVenture registered?

LetsVenture was founded in May 2013 and got registered in Singapore as a Pte. Ltd company in March 2014.

Who are the core team members?

See our team page to know about Founding team, Board members, Advisors, Startup team, Investor Relations team, Partnership team and also the Product team.

How do I contact LetsVenture? What is the office address and contact number?

Please visit our contact us page to see our Singapore, Bangalore and  Delhi office address, directions and also the phone number to contact.

How can I subscribe to LetsVenture Blog?

Please use "Subscribe to Blog" button on our blog for getting weekly feed emails of LetsVenture blog.

Is there any product guide or documentation about all the features on LetsVenture platform?

We will be coming up with shortly and will be made available to all the registered users where you will be able to search product documentation, search knowledgebase articles etc.

What are the different browsers and browser versions supported by LetsVenture?

LetsVenture supports following browsers - Google Chrome (version 43 and above), Mozilla Firefox (version 38 and above), Apple Safari(8 and above) and Internet Explore(10 and above). Other browser versions are not officially supported by LetsVenture, so for best experience please upgrade to the versions above.

How can I submit a product support issue?

Please send any product related question or issues to support@letsventure.com.

I have some product ideas for LetsVenture, how do I send this to you?

That would be excellent! Please write to sanjay@letsventure.com with your suggestion.

How do I volunteer for LetsVenture?

You can get in touch with our Ecosystem team.

How do I partner with LetsVenture?

You can get in touch with our Ecosystem team. 

Does LetsVenture conduct offline pitching events? How do I participate into that?

Yes, LetsVenture conducts focussed and very selected offline pitching events. We also conduct online pitching sessions for our featured Syndicates. You can talk to our Startup team or Investor Relations team for the same.